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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Big News: Surgery Soon!

I am preparing to have my sleeve surgery soon! In only a matter of days I will have my hiatal hernia repaired and my stomach sleeved.  I started my pre-surgery all liquid diet last week.  I will post my weight loss total prior to my surgery.  I am trying to weigh in only twice per week, rather than every day.  I can tell you my first weigh in was very satisfactory for someone who holds on to every pound like it is the last one on Earth.

I will admit that I am a bit nervous.  Last week I had my mandatory doctor visits, when they tell you the  worst case scenario information.  I am glad that I have a friend who is a surgical nurse who was able to talk me off the ledge.

I had to have several procedures to get ready for this surgery.  In early June, I had an upper endoscopy to check the size of my hernia.  Huge is the answer.

During the Endoscopy they placed a probe in my esophagus that measured my stomach acid over a 48 hour period.  I had to carry around a monitoring device with buttons I had to push every time I felt acid,  coughed, or felt chest tightness.  I was glad to return it at the end.

I also had a test called and Esophageal Manometry Test.  During the procedure I had to drink salty thick water as I swallowed a tube down my nose.  I was motivated by the nurses promise that her fastest test time was seven minutes.  I wanted that thing out of  me as soon as possible, so I tried really hard to be an ideal patient.  I am not sure how long it lasted, but it wasn't really that bad.

I also had to attend a pre-op class with the floor nurse and the nutritionist describing every detail of the surgery as well as the food I can and can not eat for the rest of my life.  It was there, they taught me the details of the liquid pre-op diet.

As of today, I am keeping a pretty strict schedule on my liquid diet.
AM:  1 Cinnamon Roll Shake
AM Snack:  Two Homemade sugar-free popsicles
Lunch:  One chocolate shake
PM Snack:  Two more sugar- free popsicles
One more Cinnamon roll shake
Dinner:  Chocolate Shake
Two cups of chicken broth
Dessert:  Sugar-free jello

The purpose of the diet is to shrink my liver so the doctor will have easier access to my stomach.

My prescribed by the doctor goal is to have 60-100 grams of protein per day and 64 oz of liquid.  The popsicles and Jello count in my liquid.  Crystal Light is a life-saver!

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