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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Planning a Stress-Free High School Graduation Party

About two weeks ago, my son decided that, yes; in fact, he does want to have a graduation party.  Keep in mind, in our area, graduation is Mid to late May.  With only two weeks to plan and host a party, I had to kick things into gear, pronto!

So, within 24 hours, I picked a venue, set a date,  ordered and printed invitations (from Walgreens; ready in a few hours), picked them up, addressed them and mailed them.  We chose to have the party a week before graduation.  There are so many parties on graduation weekend, it is difficult for everyone to get to all of them.

Next week, I can enjoy the actual graduation without running home to prep for a party.

We decided to have the party at a nice pizza restaurant in our area for several reasons:
1.  Reasonable cost.
2.  No cooking for me.
3.  Little pre-party shopping.  (Yay! I am not a fan of shopping unless it is shopping on
4.  No frantic house cleaning.
5.  Easy set up.
6.  No mess to clean after.  Well, at least for us, the restaurant employees have that privilege.

We had a great turn out, and everything went very well.  My mom helped with shopping for party supplies, for the tables and the cake.

I called and ordered the balloons the day before the party.  In fact, I worked all-day the day of the party.    I stopped and picked up the cake and balloons, and I came ran home and changed and headed over to the pizza place.

For decorations, we put blue plastic table cloths on all of the tables.  (Thank you mom for cutting them all to size!)  She cut another gold cloth into strips for an accent stripe down each table.

We bought bouquets of blue and yellow (pretend they are gold) balloons and placed them around the room.  As you can see from pictures, the balloons tangled up during the car ride over to the party.  Next time I will have them put each bunch in a separate garbage bag.  It took the kids about a half hour to untangle them.

I hung small rope on the window.  I used binder clips and put snapshots of our son from across them and hung the string on the window.

At the door to the party room we had a table with a framed senior picture, his football jersey, yearbook, a baby outfit he once wore for pictures, and a copy of the baby picture.  On the opposite door, we hung his army uniform.  Our son is in the reserves and leaves about a month after graduation for Basic Training.  We had guests sign his yearbook.  I also found a blue basket for cards.

We served pizza, salad, breadsticks, soda, and cake.  Other than a bit of lag time when the pizza ran out, everything went smoothly.  The food and drink costs were about the same as I would have spent on groceries for a party at home.

It was a fun stress free party!  I recommend this for everyone who wants to enjoy the day.  I wish I had more pictures of the actual party, but I was too busy socializing.

1 comment:

  1. Very nice! Love the pictures. So glad it all went so well. I have always said, that if I were a millionaire, I would hire a photographer to follow me around and take pictures. Ugh. I'm not so good at the picture taking either. ):