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Monday, March 18, 2013

Weight Loss Surgery Update

Dad and I  at his 70th birthday party in January.
Photo by Rebecca L. Bolam

Recently, I finished my six long months of required doctor appointments in preparation for my vertical gastric sleeve surgery.  My case is now in my insurance company's hands.  I am prepared for a battle that I hope not to lose.  I have read my policy carefully, and though there are exceptions for my case, I don't know if the "man" will see it that way.

The truth is, I have hardly ever cost my insurance company a dime.  I have never had surgery before.  For most of my life I have been healthy.  Even my teeth are good.  But, now that I am short, and fat, I need some extra help so I can stay healthy.  I am starting to have obesity related issues such as high blood pressure and asthma.  I also have developed adult metabolic syndrome in addition to a life-long battle with reactive hypoglycemia.  These issues make it easier for my body to retain fat.

Over ten years ago, following several years of battling his weight and related high blood pressure, my dad had an emergency bypass operation.  He almost died, but he is alive today because he had an excellent surgeon.  That operation cost his insurance company over $100,000.  I am guessing the cost is double today.  I have his genes.  We look alike. We are both short, and we both battle our weight.  Wouldn't it make sense for insurance to pay for a significantly less costly operation to prevent a  very costly heart bypass operation?

I am pursuing this surgery because I don't want to battle my genes anymore.  I have lost and regained weight plenty of times on my own.  Currently, my body will allow me to eat only 800 calories per day to maintain an ideal weight.  You try living on 800 calories per day!   I am tired of dieting and starving.  If medical science can help me achieve what I can not on my own, so I can live a long healthy life, then I am ready.

If you are reading this, prayers for a successful claim and surgery would be appreciated.


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