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Monday, February 11, 2013

Quick and Easy Monday: Beef Taverns : My MIL's Cookbook

Another Monday:  Another need for quick meals.  It is parent teacher conference week in our area, that means two nights away from home during dinner time.  It is quick meal week for me.  I will be pulling out homemade frozen dinners that Joey can heat up while we are chatting away at work.

I usually have to take Ibuprofen after conferences, just because my jaw hurts from talking.  Please don't make me shake your hand though.  It's flu season.

My Mother in Law didn't just write recipes for sweets in her family cookbook.  She divided her recipes in to categories, just like Betty Crocker and Better Homes and Gardens.  I think they are all comfort food!

Tonight we are having Beef Taverns.  They are so quick and easy to make.  Most of Fran's dinner recipes were beef recipes.  Yep, comfort food.

Brown 2 lbs of extra lean ground beef with frozen onions or add them later like I did.

Add Ketchup and mustard and water.

Cook until boiling and a bit thicker.

Serve on bread or buns.  My son loves Rotella's Vienna Bread--I don't know if this bread is only available in our area, but if it's not Vienna Bread, he won't eat it.

I served with tater tots and green beans.  Can't get any more Midwestern than that.

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