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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

APP of the Week: Zite

I am a magazine addict.  I have a huge pile of magazines sitting on my coffee table at this moment.  I will read every single one of them cover to cover.

But sometimes when I am stuck in a waiting room, I find myself wishing I had one of my magazines with me.  That doesn't always happen.

If I buy a single issue of one of my favorite magazines from the iTunes book store, it costs me the full price of a single issue.  But, on my iPhone, the magazines are too small, and I have to stretch each little section that I want to read.

My colleague, Mike, told me about Zite at the beginning of the year.  It is an app that customizes a magazine for you based upon your answers to an interest inventory.

It is great to have with me when I get stuck waiting somewhere.  I have found many articles that are useful in my classroom.  It saves lots of money and time.  I don't have to go looking through every newspaper and magazine in the world to find an article that interests me.

1.  It is a free app.
2.  It customizes itself based on your interests
3.  Includes sources you may not have time to look at every day.
4.  It is timely.  It updates frequently.
5.  The articles come mostly from respected sources

1.  I wouldn't choose to read some of the sources.
2.  The Onion appears in the news section sometimes.  While funny, some countries can be easily confused by this.  Right Iraq?

You never know when you are going to be stuck in a waiting room somewhere.  Zite will make the time go much faster.

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