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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

APP of the Week: Writing Prompts

This app is for all writers. Bloggers, students, teachers, creative writers, etc. The best way to improve writing is to practice. But,(whine) practice is hard. Writing is hard. Coming up with ideas to write about is hard.

Not anymore, with the Writing Prompts app from It is a really cute app with several kinds of writing prompt generators. My favorite is the news prompt generator. Shake your phone and it makes a cute little sand shaking noise, then voila! A current news headline appears along with a link to the article. It truly must be magic. This magic, just like if you give a mouse a cookie, should lead you to a writing idea and maybe another idea, and another.

One of the generators I really like for the classroom is the random word generator. Shake your phone, and a new list of words appears. Again, it's magic! Usually there is at least one word that is new to my students, so this app also helps with vocabulary. Now if only I could make an app that does my writing for me. This app does cost $1.99 but it is worth it for writers, wanna be writers, students, and teachers!


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