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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday Education Discussion: Cell Phones in the Classroom

Catie on her graduation day.
Photo by Rebecca L. Bolam 

I have to admit that I am very attached to my iPhone.  It is my calendar, my notebook, and of course my communication device.  When cell phones and smart phones started appearing in my classroom with regularity, I tended to be a bit more lenient about them than other teachers, until my frustration with the inattention to the class reached a boiling point last school year.

I realized that cell phones, especially smart phones, were causing a decline in student performance.  I have tried several methods to keep kids focused on class, including confiscating phones, but kids are kids.  They don't always realize what is best for them, and they will find a way to sneak a look at their phone.

Students aren't always texting.  They are playing games, listening to music out of one hidden ear bud, Snap Chatting, Instagraming, et al.

This year I put up a shoe pocket with numbers on it, intending to make the kids put their phone in each period.  That quickly ended when each request to one particular student ended with me calling security to have her removed from class after a ridiculous tantrum.

Today's question:  Do you think cell phones in the classroom are doing more harm than good?

Leave your comments below.  Click on the link that says # Comments to respond.

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