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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

App of the Week

As an iPhone owner, I am always looking for apps that make my life easier.  While going through this weight loss journey, though I am a fan of the couch to 5k program, power walking is much more practical for me.  I decided to try the Power Walk app found in the iTunes App Store for $2.99.

App Pros:
1.  GPS to map your walk.
2.  Five minute warm up.
3.  Can integrate music from your iTunes library.
4.  The app automatically journals your statistics.
5.  Your miles are measured..
6.  Voice prompting when it is time to speed up or slow down.

App Cons:
1.  It's not free.
2.  You can indicate that you walked on a treadmill, but I don't think the mileage is even close to accurate.
3.  You can't skip to the next level, if you are ready.

Frankly, even with pounds and pounds to lose, the first walks have been too easy for me.  Instead of being satisfied with a 20 minute walk, I have been doing each days walk two times in a row.  If I tweet out my stats, it makes it look like I only completed half of the walk that I did. 

Because we are in the throes of winter here, I prefer to walk indoors on the treadmill.  Treadmill walking can be BORING!  Instead of staring at the wall, I bring my iPad to the treadmill and allow myself to watch one of my favorite TV shows during my workout.  I made myself a deal.  I can not watch any of the new episodes  of Downton Abbey unless I am power walking.  Unfortunately the new episodes are not on Hulu Plus yet.  They are on iTunes!  Yay!

And neither am I!  (Pronounced ny-th-her not knee-th-her  in honor of Violet.)  Happy walking!!!

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