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Thursday, January 24, 2013

App of the Week: Waze (Traffic Reports)

How was your drive to work this morning?  Mine was easy thanks to an app I learned about from my LA based brother-in-law.  Waze is a social media app for traffic.  I know, who needs another social media app?  Everyone needs this one!  The best aspect of this app is that the traffic reports are created by us, the users of Waze.  In fact, the more users who sign up for and report on Waze, the more accurate and detailed the traffic information will be. 

Here is are screen shots from this morning's commute in Omaha:

APP Pro's:
1.  Free
2.  Real Time Traffic Reports
3.  Gas Price Reports
4.  Maps
5.  Waze can be turned off so you are not reporting out your location.
APP Con's
1.  More people need to sign up and report
2.  It has a game element.  I don't really care about how many points I get to cross a road.
I like Waze, especially on days when I know the traffic in town is going to be bad.  I need to be at work by a certain time, since there are kids eager for me to teach them all about English.  It's not like I can say, "Hold my calls.  I am stuck in traffic."

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