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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Something to Crow About: Easy Chicken!

On Tuesday I planned to make the Salsa Chicken recipe, but I made the stew instead because I had girls night plans with my neighbor.  I was fortunate to be invited to her yearly Relief Society Christmas dinner. It was a pleasant night of soups, spirit, and song.  Since I would be out at dinner time, it was easier to have a crock pot meal hot and ready when the three of us were going in all directions.  For some reason, the guys still want to eat even when I have other plans.

Wednesday night is traditionally sandwich night, but I changed things up a bit.  Salsa Chicken is even easier to make than a sandwich.  It is the easiest dish ever!  I don't know why I bothered to take pictures it is so easy.

First, grab a few frozen chicken breasts out of your freezer.  Spray your pan.  (I forgot and had to pull the chicken out, spray, and throw them back in.

Open the jar of salsa/picante sauce and dump it over the chicken.

Now, open your oven.  (I know you can figure that part out, but my directions were looking sparse.) Set it to 350, put the pan on the middle rack and cook them for about an hour.

That's it.  My family crows about them every time that I make them.  (chicken pun alert)

Best of all,  salsa is low, low calorie.  Pair with potatoes or rice and some green beans or broccoli for a yummy low point dinner.

Depending upon the weight of your chicken, the breasts are fairly low in points.  I can not share point totals because this is a violation of WW policy.  I suggest you join WW or go to a meeting to learn how to count them.

**Wednesday Weight Watchers Meeting Weigh-in Results:  Down .6 for a total of 4.5.**

I enjoyed the new Weight Watchers 360 meeting overview.  The points system has not changed, instead they are teaching us new ways of planning ahead in order to stay on target.

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