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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Downsizing Christmas

Part of having a smaller nest means downsizing Christmas decorating.  I have bins and bins filled with Christmas ornaments, garland, lighted houses, and various knick knacks.  I did not pull any of them out this year.  Not one old ornament.  This is not a case of Christmas depression.  I love decorating for the holidays!  Each ornament on our old tree is a memory of the kids' childhood.  I decided to save the memories for the kids to use when they are ready.

Mike, the cat, hanging out in our old Christmas tree.
A few years back, I opted for a smaller, thinner tree, otherwise our cat perches in it through the whole season.  Have you ever tried to remove cat fur from a fake tree?  It is impossible.  So this years' tree has brand new LED lights, hand made snowflakes, red and gold shatterproof balls, and matching ribbon garland.

I loved how the snowflakes turned out, and they were simple to make.  I just set them in the tree, no need to use ornament hangers or ribbon.

The directions are from Martha Stewart's website.  Of course, the Martha versions look very fancy and professional.  I am neither fancy nor a professional.  I like the simplicity of my snowflakes.

1.  Cut, what you politically correct young ins call Fuzzy Sticks, (but my generation still calls them pipe cleaners) into three-six inch pieces and six-three inch pieces.

2.  Twist the long pieces together to form an X.  Twist the third piece in to form the base of the flake.

3.  Arrange them however you like.
 4.   Then bend each short piece into a V shape.
 5.  Twist onto each end  of the large flake.

6.  Then twist each short piece onto the ends of the large flake.  There you go.  A cute, simple snowflake.  Some people have been dipping them into Borax to make them flakier.  Whatever.  My dogs would just eat it.

I just placed them on the ends of the branches.  Then, put a dog fence around your tree.  Oh, wait.  That's just us.

Now that it is time to take the tree down.  I am so happy I only need to put one bin of stuff away, not five or six.  I don't mind downsizing Christmas!

1 comment:

  1. Love how you decorated the tree! Love the picture of Mike, too. Nice post! Fun to read.