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Thursday, December 15, 2011

New Jeans

Yesterday I had to go buy new jeans for completely the wrong reason. I am going uphill instead of down hill. How I long to go back to the days where I could try on a pair of jeans and look at myself in the mirror with a sigh of happiness. Yeah, that never happens anymore.

What is the deal with jeans designers putting bling on the behind? I don't need to advertise my biggest flaw to the world with rhinestones. Gross! Unlike many of the moms around here, I am glad that I have enough peace of mind to realize that I should not dress like my daughter. I bought two pairs of jeans at Kohls for less than half of the cost of a bling pair. I don't wear UGG boots either, I am not a teenager. I think they would make me look shorter and squattier than I actually am.

I had a wonderful teaching moment yesterday. A junior in my tenth grade class walked up to my desk as the rest of the class was leaving for lunch and thanked me...yes thanked me for being patient with his tardiness after gym class. I understand they need to clean up and the gym teacher doesn't always give enough time, so if he walks in one or two minutes late, I am fine with it. He told me I was a great teacher. It was a good day!

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